Chapter 28 – Perfection is a Lie

Content warning: Supernatural violence, a bit more swearing than normal, dwelling on mortality. All that fun stuff. There is a wonky-looking house though, which might help even things out.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

A pause.

Louder. TAP TAP TAP.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Claude dragged his feet across the cold stone floor towards the door. “You know, Rubes, you can always just climb onto the roof if you lock yourself out. It’s not like we have a massive hole in the ceiling or anything.” Maybe he was laying on the sarcasm a bit thick. Probably not, but there was always a chance.

AMB 28 001

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Pandora’s Box – The (Love) Doctor

Dear Diary,

Today is the day of the pool party. I know I said I didn’t mind missing it, but I lied. I really, truly wanted to meet others like me – especially after the letter I just got.

Sept isn’t going to be singing anymore, and it’s my fault. He said it’s not, but it kind of is. It’s my fault, his fault, everyone’s fault for being so YOBASKA confusing!


Maybe the fact that I learnt that word from him proves his point – I’m sure he never meant me to hear it. It’s a fun word though. Yobaska. YOBASKA!

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Pandora’s Box – The Visit

Dear Panda,

You grow more radiant each day. It’s strange that as your light sensitivity gets worse, you seem to shine brighter. Maybe that’s just the price you have to pay – it could be that the sun is angry, just like the evil queen in Snow White. It doesn’t want to see someone as beautiful as it is.

No, love, I’m not feverish again. I’m just… I don’t know what I am. Proud, mostly. You take everything the world throws at you and just throw it right back. I wish I could have done that at your age.


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Pandora’s Box – Darkest Before The Dawn

Content Warning: Vampires, and everything that goes with them.


Your first day at school is barely half over and I’m a nervous wreck. I want things to go better for you than they did for me. You’re such a wonderful, bright, brilliant girl – I’m sure the teachers will love you. It’s the other students that I worry about. Maybe I shouldn’t have kept you so secluded while you were growing up, but Forgotten Hollow isn’t the safest place for a child, is it? I would have taken you out of town with me on market days, but the sun always made you cry.

I wish I had someone to ask about these things – is it an allergy of some sort? How are you coping at school? I chose the nearest one to enrol you at. It’s just on the boundaries of the Hollow, so while it’s lighter than you’re used to it still has a good amount of shade. I hope you’re ok.


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Lori – Tara: Letter 2

Reply to Tara to Lori 1

Hey Tara,

I’m so so sorry that I haven’t written in a while. You probably think I’ve forgotten all about you, but that’s not true. Things have just been a little… chaotic here since your last letter.

First of all, I like hearing you talk about travelling. It’s like taking a drink of water when you’ve been dehydrated. I won’t lie and say that I’m not jealous, but it gives me things to imagine. I can live vicariously through your adventures! Well, as much as a ghost can ‘live’ at all.

04-04-17_7-15-56 PM

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