So… I have a new sideblog

A blog for my builds featured/to be featured in my stories! I’m gonna be going back through some older builds as well. I pretty much got fed up of the gallery previews (bad lighting, blurry…). This shows what they’ll look like in game!

I’m still setting up the page so it looks a bit plain, but hopefully I’ll get it looking nice soon 🙂 I’ll tag by stories, neighbourhoods and building types, so it should be easy to navigate once it’s all done.

A library for Forgotten Hollow

via Forgotten Lore Library — Thymeless Builds

Pandora’s Box (An Alien Adoption Challenge) – First Day


When I arrived for my ‘Extended Jury Duty’, I wasn’t expecting to leave with you. That isn’t to say I’m not happy with how things turned out – far from it – I’m just still a little shocked. In the space of twenty four hours I have lost my job and my home, but I’ve gained a child.

I want to make something very clear before you start worrying: I chose to adopt you. I could have refused, but I didn’t. You weren’t planned, but you are wanted, I promise.

The first time I saw you, you were introduced to me simply as ‘Number 13’. Now, that’s no name for a child, is it?

You might be wondering how you got your proper name. It might sound a bit silly, but meeting you made me feel like everything kept hidden in the world had suddenly been released. I opened my very own Pandora’s Box – just like in the myth – and inside it I found you.


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Chapter 27 – We Are The Creatures That Live In Your House

Content warning: The asylum sections may be a bit disturbing for some readers due to the topics raised in it. I mean it, some of it is really dark this chapter. There’s also quite a bit of blood. Vampires, am I right?

Don had never paid much attention to newspapers before he was turned. Reading about life seemed so pointless when you could go out into the world and just live it. He could learn a lot more from other people than from the tabloid his mother had always had delivered. Now that it was his only link to the outside world, he was beginning to see its value. It had lead him here, after all.

AMB 27 SS01

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